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The Studley Lamp is a brilliant embodiment of industrial-inspired design with a modern twist. Its bold and robust structure features clean lines and functional elements that exude a sense of utilitarian elegance. The lamp's metallic accents and textured finishes create a visually striking contrast, making it a focal point in any space. Its unique character shines through in both its form and function, as it casts a focused yet gentle illumination that adds an edgy sophistication to your surroundings. The Studley Lamp's versatile design ensures it fits seamlessly into contemporary and eclectic settings alike, making it a distinctive addition that combines artistic flair with practical lighting.

Studley Lamp

SKU: LI-05-32S
$664.00 Regular Price
$649.00Sale Price
  • Shade Type: Black Bell Shade

    Width (in): 17.5

    Height (in): 26

    Depth (in): 17.5

    Material: Birch


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