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The Janvier Lamp embodies a captivating blend of modern aesthetics and timeless elegance. This exquisite piece of illumination seamlessly merges form and function, making it a statement addition to any interior. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the lamp's sleek and minimalist design is a testament to its contemporary allure. The juxtaposition of high-quality materials and thoughtful construction is evident in every curve and angle, resulting in a harmonious balance between artistry and practicality. The Janvier Lamp's soft, diffused light casts a warm and inviting ambiance, creating a cozy atmosphere in any room it graces. With its ability to effortlessly enhance both modern and traditional decor schemes, the Janvier Lamp stands as a testament to sophisticated design and adds a touch of refined sophistication to your living space.

Janvier Lamp

SKU: AD025
$299.99 Regular Price
$259.99Sale Price
  • Dimensions (in): W10.5 x H20 x D10.5

    Height w/ Shade (in): H25.5

    Shade (in): W18 x H8 x D18

    Weight: 9 lbs

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