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The Hudson Lamp with its 16" Burlap Shade encapsulates rustic charm and timeless elegance in a single illuminating masterpiece. This lamp effortlessly marries the natural warmth of burlap with the sleek sophistication of its design. The 16" burlap shade complements the lamp's base, creating a harmonious interplay of textures and tones. The Hudson Lamp's silhouette boasts clean lines and a contemporary allure, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into a variety of interior settings. The soft, diffused glow that emanates from beneath the burlap shade casts a warm and inviting light, creating an ambiance that invites comfort and relaxation. With its thoughtful combination of materials and design, the Hudson Lamp with its 16" Burlap Shade serves not only as a practical lighting solution but also as a tasteful accent piece that exudes a sense of understated luxury and natural beauty.

Hudson Lamp 16" Burlap Shade

SKU: LI-05-17S
  • Dimensions (inches): W7.5 x H14 (w/o shade) x D7.5

    Height w/ Shade: H20

    Container Min. Qty.: 24

    Material: Elm


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